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Change your perspective

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The work we do in partnership with Geordie Intelligence is a significant part of what we do, and it gives us an excellent way of showing what we can deliver. Dataset 007: Loans allowed us to introduce Process Mining to a broader audience.

Process Mining is a method coming of age, thanks to technology. Henry Ford invented the Production Line still used in many factories today. Process Mining is the modern way of assessing the success of a Production Line; the best thing is that it applies anywhere. In the last decade, I have seen more solutions delivered with “Journaling” capabilities. Combine that and your existing KPI’s (or a standard set) suddenly the goal of Continual Improvement becomes rooted in your data.

In the past, I would help people to embed principals of Continual Improvement. No solution is ever perfect, and it should be furthest from perfect on delivery day. Accepting that truth is one I have witnessed all levels of a business struggle with, however, in life, we believe it, so why do we struggle in business?

“Why do we fall Master Bruce?”
Alfred – Batman

A little-known gentleman called Benjamin Franklin said

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

Year on year company executives say that is going deliver growth in an area or expect revenues to change x%, how is any of that possible without change. That change is Continual Improvement. Remember Continual Improvement activities do not always yield a direct positive result, in those cases, you learn, and that is the “improvement”.

Back to Process Mining. The ability to see where things are taking a long time to complete allows you to identify areas for possible improvement. Seeing cycles (steps flip-flopping or chains of steps looping back) is a clear opportunity for progress. It is also much simpler to quantify benefit as you can see “optimally” routed instances and see how they have performed against these “sub-optimal”. Remember, suddenly, it is possible to embed this directly into your Enterprise Analytics Platform. The value proposition offered by Process Mining is enormous, embedded Process Mining is significantly more valuable. At Geordie Consulting we’ve been working with Processes. We have delivered across many of the processes businesses use from HR, Finance, Sales, R&D to IT. This breadth of experience means we can always add value. We want to maximise the utilisation of the data you have already. This will grow not just your Analytical capabilities but also your Continual Improvement opportunities. Get in touch and start your continual improvement.

Ross Waterston
Director (Founder)
Geordie Consulting & Geordie Intelligence

Building a Data Culture

Recently we have been following a video series on YouTube that shares a lot of what we are trying to do. It is always comforting to know that our beliefs are not completely out there.

Here at Geordie Consulting we embrace the principals of #dataculture, and #datadrivendecisionmaking. However, we believe that the benefits of this mindset are not just for business. #powerbi will benefit your #businessintelligence, but as you use it more you will find that the accessibility of #dataanalytics within the tool makes #insights and #innovation accessible also.

Please take some time to watch Matthew’s Video series. it is extremely well thought out and is something we would advise all businesses to be thinking about.