Looking Forward

Looking Forward

Geordie Consulting continues to evolve, grow and develop. I have spent the last period of lockdown focusing on where I want to take the businesses. One of the things that I have been asked about is why I chose the names; “Geordie” in particular. The response is two-fold firstly of course I am incredibly proud of my hometown. Newcastle is home and will always be. The second is a little more complex, Geordie is a remarkably well-liked accent of English, often considered as both friendly and trustworthy, however, it is also often shown in the media as being used by those who are less “sensible” – I’m looking at you Geordie Shore (please note, none of the cast is Geordie’s and the production company is from Liverpool!).

Newcastle is a city that prides itself on a rich history of pushing the boundaries of technology and the new digital age is no different. From the first public street to be lit by electricity to hydraulic accumulators. From Ship making to rifling of breach loaded naval cannon. Newcastle has seen it all. We’ve come a long way and we have so much more to offer!

I want my companies to embody the Geordie Spirit; Trust, Ownership and Innovation.

Geordie Intelligence is progressing well and given the nature of the material I am happy with its continued progress, growing at 5 – 10% per month.

Geordie Consulting has been significantly impacted by lockdowns and the current economic climate, the clients we are working with are typically asking for assistance in unlocking their data and cutting day-to-day costs. New projects are also being delayed as companies evaluate their own financial position.

I want us to remain true to ourselves so as we come out of lockdown and start to return to normal I want to give you three offers.

  1. Kickstart Sale – To help companies bounce back and move towards a more data-driven approach I am offering the first session of the Kickstart engagement free. The Kickstart offering is a two-day engagement typically split into four sessions to review where your business is with data and layout a framework for your next steps. In your free session, we will work with you to determine a baseline. Only if you want to continue will we invoice you for the remaining sessions.
  2. Angels of the North – Premium membership tier of Geordie Intelligence is something that I believe is excellent value, but it adds a lot of strain to my small consultancy. My advice to people wanting to undertake this (yes we don’t offer it to businesses) would be to use it as a way of accessing premium resources to point you in the right direction, shape your plans and help you maximise what you are doing in Power BI. There is no limit in terms of numbers you can have attending the monthly two hours of consultancy (either single session or split in two) and you are in charge of the content.
  3. Training Sale – To support businesses further we are offering all our training courses at 50% until the end of April 2021. That’s great value for the one day (two remote sessions) – Basics course aimed at all new starters, the intermediate – Getting Started Course (four remote sessions) and the Business-focused – How to use Power BI course (two remote sessions).

I can’t wait for us to all be able to get together again, I hope you all stay safe! Fingers crossed we’ll be able to meet face to face again soon.

Ross Waterston
Director (Founder)

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