The process of transitioning to Power BI can be a significant challenge. During which external support may be required. The light at the end of the tunnel however is that as you all become more familiar with the technology you will find that you are able to support yourselves independently.

Geordie Consulting has years of experience of offering support across multiple levels. We are also aware that for a business regardless of if they are setting up a Centre for Excellence or just “Getting Karl up to speed to support the business”, there can be a gap. We can help you with that gap. We offer UK based support on a tailored basis.

As part of your Premium Support we can also use us to help with your Super User Community or provide Training. If you want to record our training sessions and re-use them or make them available to your teams internally that is of course fine.

Call or email our team to talk through what you need and how we can best support your growth.