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Geordie Consulting is the level-headed Consultancy your business needs. Our mindset is that data is the key commodity for your business, so like any commodity you have to maximise the value you can extract from it. Our goal is to support you in the data discovery process, to help you diagnose your current situation and from that diagnosis, agree a prescribed course of action. We can then continue to support you through that process and make sure that you are staying on track with your vision. Our ultimate goal, though, is to work with you to embed the skills needed to manage your own data, be able to extract your own insights and then agree on a path forward yourselves. We deliver this for our customers by working to increase the Data Literacy of you and your teams.

What is Data Literacy? Data Literacy is a very simple idea but it has far-reaching benefits. The crux of Data Literacy is for people to be able to assess and evaluate data. What is the data telling me? Does the data support what it says? How was this data derived?


Let us partner with you to get you the insights your deserve. Together we will make a difference.

Starting out

when companies first start with Power BI it can be overwhelming, we can help get you started.

Process Mining

Understanding what is done is the key to great insights. We willl help you embed the principals.


From simple "Introduction to Power" to deeper sessions on DAX or M we can deliver.

Data Literacy for all

Historically, the quest was to make people literate, now in the 21st century with businesses and people generating gigabytes of data daily the push must extend. In the modern world, literacy is not enough, Data Literacy is a new challenge.

This is not the same as being numerate, Data Literacy is the ability to understand figures and values that are presented to you, to evaluate them and understand their significance.

Power BI enables your whole organisation to be able to see what is happening. The Democratisation of Data is not something to be feared it is something to be embraced, as you save money, are more efficient and cost-effective.