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At Geordie Consulting we always bring our A-game. Our core purpose is to help your company become the best it can be. This is only possible if we build on the foundation of where you are today.

We will work with you to build that foundation by supporting your learning of the skills. We validate your process documentation against what is done (Process Mining). We focus our efforts with the Microsoft Power BI Platform because from the tools we have used and our experience it provides an excellent platform for whole enterprise growth.

This path to success has been derived through many years of experience. We have worked with FTSE 100’s, Fortune 500’s, not to mention SME’s and of course across the Public sector as well. This allows us to bring a wide range of insights to data usage across organisations so we can make sure you maximise the value of your data, by evaluating what you already have. We can then help you develop through the stages of analytics to AI.

We offer several off the shelf engagements as well as taking on project work either at fixed cost or T&M basis.